To Be the Change You Wish to See

A History of the Assembly, Executive, Judicial Administration and Senate Fellowship Programs.

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Grand Canyon to Hearst Ranch is the true story of the charismatic and dynamic conservationist, Harriet Hunt Burgess.  Inspired by her first breathtaking trip in the Grand Canyon, Burgess dedicated her life to saving land for future generations.  Her story focuses attention on two critical issues:  (1) the fight to save the environment from the growing threats of climate change and the uncertainty of government protection and (2) women’s roles and rights in society.

Beginning in the 1970s, Harriet Burgess persevered through four decades—overcoming daunting obstacles and taking extraordinary risks—to conserve hundreds of thousands of acres of land in the American West.  Without Burgess, iconic and irreplaceable landscapes like the Lake Tahoe region and the California coast would be much different today.  As Harriet Burgess once explained, “The land we save is our legacy.  It’s what we give to our children.”

The Grand Canyon was the catalyst for Harriet’s conservation mission and the spark for Grand Canyon to Hearst Ranch.  Author Elizabeth Austin interweaves her own exhilarating and life-changing dory trip through the depths of the Grand Canyon with the compelling chronicle of Harriet’s early life and five of her most significant conservation achievements as founder-president of the American Land Conservancy.  The five featured projects are Topanga Canyon, Galena and the Nevada Land Exchange, the John Muir Gravesite, Thunderbird Lodge at Lake Tahoe, and the Hearst Ranch.

Combining biography, environmental history, and memoir, Grand Canyon to Hearst Ranch is a testament to the power of one woman to make a difference and the power of place to inspire.


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